Rewoven Patterns EP


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The progressive metal quartet from the United States known as Anaya have released their debut EP record album, titled, “Rewoven Patterns.” The record is comprised of four original tracks for an approximate total listening time of twenty minutes. It has been proudly published as an independent release on the Anaya Productions music records label. A dark, high-octane and extremely flammable quatrain of songs, “Rewoven Patterns” represents an exceptionally worthy addition to the American catalog of progressive metal, and to heavy metal music in general.

“Rewoven Patterns” is the first official Anaya record to feature every member of the band: vocalist Abel Alvarado, bassist Andrew Hooley, drummer Clay Straughan, and guitarist Cody Montague. They cite as main artistic influences legends and founding music titans of prog metal such as Meshuggah and Cynic. Likewise, their musical character retains much of the sound, tone and style of the experimental metal pioneers who laid the groundwork before them, such as Pantera and Neurosis.

Taking certain cues from “doom” metal and other latter-day subgenres, the Anaya sound is more melodic at times than that of many prog-metal bands that have come before them. Anaya use this to great advantage. The tireless riffing of their guitars is not unlike the sonorous rising and falling of fiery violin solos. These soar atop a boiling, roiling pit of undulating, walking bass lines and drums that thunder Zeus-like throughout their album. Their vocals have range, punch, and scope, and Anaya includes a variety of singing styles in their music to keep listeners guessing. As shadowy as their “Rewoven Patterns” is – and its sonic soul is truly black – it is also more colorfully creative than much of what the progressive metal genre produces.

Hailing from the Denver, CO area, Anaya have been headlining metal concerts and gracing the waves of local metal radio programs in preparation for the landmark release of “Rewoven Patterns.” With an ever-growing and ravenous fan base, their EP is hitting online stores with plenty of anticipation, and their official BandCamp page promises that, “A full-length LP is currently in the works and is expected to be released early 2014.”

“Rewoven Patterns” by Anaya is available online worldwide.


released December 12, 2013

Abel Anthony Alvarado, Andrew James Hooley, Clayton Michael Straughan, Michael Cody Montague.



all rights reserved


Anaya Denver, Colorado

Anaya is a quartet of progressive metallers from the states.
Vocals - Abel Alvarado
Bass - Andrew Hooley
Drums - Clay Straughan
Guitars - Cody Montague

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Track Name: Legends
- Legends -

The buildings behind us burn

We stand still

to feel the world turn

The ceiling crawls and drips

How is this all happening from

one little chocolate

Visions from our dreams

swim on the walls

and I remember them

Pulling one after one out

Can you see beams of light cutting through

Trees like rhythm

The visions distorted

because of what we placed

on our tongues

Sweat catches breath

and signals a cooling

to the core

Tell me

haven’t we been here before

Its so obvious you shouldn’t be so modest

in speaking of

Lifting taller than your head can stretch

Letting go all of your breath

There’s a burst in the center of your


The patterns have been rewoven

The legends are back for more

So simple to explain

the perfect taste


Sweat catches breath

and signals a cooling to the core

Haven’t we been here before

Just water and a little sand given

the moon still pulls you in

You’ll never leave

Black out the dead lights
Track Name: Between Worlds
- Between Worlds –

Sensory desire providing passage

equate no tie to a shaken soul

Immaculate conception leaves us

to distinguish the escape on our own

Starting with this sense

We can’t commit to other beliefs

but world of desire

I can’t stand away

What is this place

We are trapped inside

Time is running out

Give me more give me more

An unbreakable vow

is the real strength we need

and if we shift every single thing

we’ll never die young

I am the strength

so don’t let go of this

this time

As mankind comes into play

lifting stones from hidden corners

Aerials reveal that still

we will not age

We’re giving more oxygen

Equate no tie



I can see through the earth

I am between worlds

Did you think that this would last forever

What would you do if you’re not afraid

You’ll find it in time

We’ll set us right

I am the strength

don’t let go this time
Track Name: The Presence
- The Presence –

We go from whence we came

and nothing ever changes but the same

Beneath the dirt

the knowing runs deep



down to the soles of your feet



I call out to you

Anaya – Anaya

I call out to you

Anaya begin

Unseen yet undenied

your feet are the earth

Can you feel the sun within you

burning away

Unseen yet undenied

The life you lead

conceals the light you are

There is nothing new to get

it moves and it moves not

It is far it is near



down to the soles of your feet



I call out to you


Give me hell

till the end of this life

is further than my eyes can see

it’s making me now

Just like you left me

The garden is the world

so turn around

The new age has come to lead the presence

We go from whence we came

and nothing ever changes but the same

Beneath the dirt

the knowing runs deeper

than you think